About us
Our identity


Structure is the cornerstone defining the company’s wide range of work, it is the foundation for both the simplest and the most complex demands — from a living room table to a skyscraper.


About us
We are what we dream of being.


Helvetplus today is a more precise, more focused, more real and, above all, more global company.

Experience has helped us to hone our skills, pay greater attention to detail and be more than just a metalwork company. This means that helvetplus is able to provide personalised services.
This story unfolded in a combination of factors in a long process of learning and optimisation of our skills. Our customers, partners and suppliers enabled us to learn even more about materials, processes and systems.

Helvetplus today is a more precise, more focused, more real and, above all, more global company.
This is thanks to the countless challenges laid down by those who believed in us and trusted us to handle their projects and articles and to achieve their dreams. They inspired and challenged us to be better.

Our Vision

We think
We create
We make it happen


To continue to respond positively to the challenges and guarantee that we enjoy the trust and satisfaction of our customers and partners.


We abide by the highest standards of quality, precision, professionalism and constructive accuracy.

Global Service

Helvetplus is more than just a metalwork company. We offer a number of personalised products and services that are designed to meet our customers’ requirements.

Our Team

We are inspired
and challenged
to be better. 



Specialising in metalwork, through peers and partners who share the same values, we are ready and qualified to provide more personalised, exclusive responses to all types of orders in the area of construction, furnishings and lighting.


Each order is a new challenge that our team of highly specialised architects, engineers, designers and craftsmen is ready to meet. Thanks to their qualifications, know-how and technical skills they are sure to find the most appropriate solution, including planning, design and final execution.
We are being better today so that we can be excellent tomorrow!